So I watched the movie “War” again recently. It’s one of my fave Hindi movies and it’s a solid Bollywood masala flick. Literally, every single scene is memeable though so here’s a roundup of my favorite parts -

Well, it does have Ben Barnes. You’ve been warned for spoilers now.

When I first heard about the new Netflix series “Shadow and Bone”, it didn’t make much of an impression on me. The name sounded weird, it seemed like another generic YA fantasy fiction outing, and after a year…

I know a lot of interesting people. One of them is Dark Pudding. Nobody really knows anything about this reclusive urban legend. By day she disappears into the churning ocean of corporate life to probably earn out a living which lets her afford the basic necessities of human life like…

Keerthana Krishnan

Software Engineer. Speaker. Creator. Work-in-progress. Livin’ that Azula life 🔥🌴🌶️😎 She/her

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