War — A movie in memes

Setting the tone
What do you mean my daddy went rogue?
But why did daddy betray us?
Another fanboy, what else is new
Let me explain the chip on my shoulder
Full-time terrorist, part-time eyeliner enthusiast
Excuse my jawline, trying to blend in with terrorists
You could have warned me about your ex
Our first secret ❤
Terrible at prioritizing
Did I make you proud, daddy?
This is me dumping you
When Dhoom 2 meets Mission Impossible
I’m a fan of Fast & Furious now
Surprise bitch
So you think I can honeypot
I can be your rebound baby
Actually, I wanted your boy toy
Making heroic entrances is a hobby
I wont let you leave me
We’re back together, let’s celebrate with protein shakes
Bla, Bla, Bla plot stakes
You can definitely trust me with the Mcguffin
You shouldn’t have trusted me, I lie in therapy
So we did a face-off
The evil powers my biceps
Surprise triple cross, bitch
I’m going to kill your daddy
We really need to break up
You know you want this
No I really want to breakup
Cold-hearted antihero transformation complete



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Keerthana Krishnan

Keerthana Krishnan

Exactly between Amy Santiago and Yennefer of Vengeburg. Software Engineer. Speaker. Writer. Creator. Work-in-progress ⚙️🔥🌴🌶️😎 She/her